When will be released GTA 6 Demo?

When will be released GTA 6 Demo?

The news that Rockstar has decided to at last bring GTA 5 to the next-generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 18 was a very exciting piece of news for the fans of the game. But there is more to say – Rockstar has also planned the PC version of GTA 5. The date scheduled for this was January 27, last year.

Attention: a lot of fans of the game received invitations to play GTA 5 PS4 beta. The good thing is they noticed that it is a fake invitation. To put it clearly, it is a virus that is able to reach your computer too. The Rokckstar company has adopted security solutions and all players should be careful as well.

The lovers of GTA have not yet forgotten this unfortunate incident. Even more, there are fans who believe this may happen also with GTA 6. However, this time the company promises that all things will be clear. In addition, fans of GTA trust the promise that everything will be safe as well.

It must be mentioned that beta version has advantages. First of all, it is a great way for the game’s lovers to learn more about the game. Another thing is, the company has a possibility to create a better version of GTA 6. This means that the beta version of the game is good for both the player of the game, and the company.

Sadly, there is a slight obstacle that may impede the development process. The problem is that this particular version is hard to adapt to the multiplayer mode.

We keep hearing plenty of rumors regarding the location of GTA 6, but also we keep receiving all sorts of information about the release date of the game. We are not surprised to hear so many speculations and various dubious”news” – people are free to talk, after all… What matters is that we can hear some quite exciting facts regarding the location of GTA 6 – there are sources claiming it could even be Washington or Columbia.

There is a one curious rumor concerning the released date of GTA 6 . Some sources claim, that the game will be launched in the year 2017. What would you say? Do you think it is true or not really?

GTA 6 Demo

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