Grand Theft Auto 6 – Rumorms or Facts collection

Grand Theft Auto 6 – Rumorms or Facts collection

In such games like Grand Theft Auto 6, cities play an extremely important role because people who play the game tend to hang out a lot there. Plenty of action happens in cities as well. This is why true-like cities that players can explore make the game much more exciting. In a game like Grand Theft Auto 6 Game, explorable urban locations a a true joy to the fans. So it is really great to hear that all the cities in the upcoming game will be explorable. Fantastic!

Rumor number 14: you will meet older GTA cast members
Can you recall older GTA cast members? How about meeting them once again? Looks like there’s going to be a chance to do just that. Who do you think you will see? Salvator Leone (GTA 3), Sonny Forelli (GTA Vice city), TheTruth (GTA San Andreas) are just a few old names that you may want to hear again in GTA 6 Game.

Rumor number 13: you will have more expansive GTA online experience
Quite a lot of people play games because they are looking for new experience. If this is what you are after, you will be glad to know that GTA 6 Game offers you extraordinary GTA online experience.

Rumor number 12: you can play this game on next-gen consoles
You probably know that GTA 5 was first released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles? Well, now we have something very exciting to tell you about the game. You will be excited to hear that you will be able to play the game on next – gen consoles.

Rumor number 11: a female protagonist
And there are even more interesting rumors concerning the game. We’ve heard that in GTA 6 there will be a female protagonist. And there is more to say about this – we’ve heard that the female protagonist will be the main playable character. Are you getting excited?

Rumor number 10: this game will be exclusively online
How would you like to hear more of Grand Theft Auto 6 News? Well, there is one more rumor that says that the game will be available online only. Of course, we wouldn’t like this to be true, because it would upset a lot of fans who would like the game to be not only online. Let’s hope this is a false rumor.

Rumor number 9: you have see virtual reality
if there is one thing common to all fans of video games, it’s the fact that they all enjoy virtual reality a lot. This means that if it is true that GTA 6 we will have virtual reality, the fans of this game have a reason to be happy.

Rumor number 8: we will have first-person mode game
We recognize that GTA 6 Mods are an extremely important component as well. What news do we have regarding the GTA 6 Mods? We already know a few facts about the Grand Theft Auto 6 Mods and we are happy to tell them to those who are interested in this game. First very important thing that we cannot wait to tell you about the Grand Theft Auto 6 Mods, is that the game will have a first-person mode. Don’t you think this is awesome?

Rumor number 7: 1970s theme 
Have you been wondering about GTA 6 theme? Then you’re lucky, because we have news about it as well. Just keep reading… So, if you like the time period circa 1970 you are really going to like GTA 6, because it’s going to be retro style, set in the seventies. That is something that promises plenty of cool adventures!

Rumor number 6: the release date of this game is…
So far rumors seemed to be quite good. However, today we have rather disappointing news for you… It concerns the launch date of the game. You may not want to believe it, but it is said that the release date is set rather far in the future – 2 – 3 years from now… Yes, it is disappointing, but we may still hope that the company will change its decision.

Rumor number 5: a territory of this game will be whole USA
When it comes to this particular the game, the territory matters a great deal. What do we know so far about the territory of the upcoming game? There is a rumor claiming that the territory of will include the entire area of the USA. If this is indeed the case, it will be a reason for fans to rejoice. Just think about it – the USA territory has plenty of various buildings, natural parks, large lakes, busy streets, stores, roads and other exciting elements, so it will add a lot of excitement to the game.

Rumor number 4: we will see London
Well, there is this rumor that the territory of this game will include the entire USA. On the other hand, we have heard another theory about the game’s territory. There is gossip that the GTA 6 will possibly take place in London. Well, if you like this gorgeous city, you will be glad to see it in the upcoming game… We wouldn’t mind London either.

Rumor number 3: in the game you can travel by time
Time travel sounds absolutely fascinating and we are sure many of you would love to try it. Well, in that case this is very good news for you- you may indeed have such a possibility. There is a rumor claiming that in the GTA 6 players will be able to travel in time. Isn’t this amazing?

Rumor number 2: you can play as a criminal or cop
Many players would like to try out one of these roles. Isn’t it great to know that in GTA 6 you can be either a criminal or cop? This is indeed a fantastic chance to try a pretty cool role.

Rumor number:1 you can create your own character
This is something that any player will undoubtedly love – a possibility to create their own character… If this is what you would like, be glad to hear that it may be possible. This is a popular rumor – according to it, you will be able to create your own character.

Well, dear readers, now we’ve shared quite a number of rumors that we think are important to you. We hope you enjoyed reading this and that you are glad to learn more about the upcoming game.

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