Rumors or not: GTA 6 release date is June 2021

Rumors or not: GTA 6 release date is June 2021

Dear friends, you have probably noticed that we get new rumors about the GTA 6 daily. But have you heard the latest ones? Listen up: the last rumors related to GTA 6, have to do with the game’s release date and name. So, here is what we’ve heard: GTA 6 launch date is June 2021 and the game is going to be called Return to Vice City. Do you think it would be nice if this was true?

So, the rumors are correct, we will have GTA 6 very soon, that is, next year already. We must also mention that on Youtube we have also seen a video confirming this piece of news. On the other hand, one month after it was posted, the video was removed.

But the most important fact is that there is not any more information from the company regarding the launch date. Some people say that Rockstar is now focusing on GTA 5 in order to be able to any news concerning the launch date of GTA 6 yet.

Of course, it makes sense that the company is really working hard on GTA 5 to be ready for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. And the outcome of this hard work is the new DLC called I am not a Hipster. This is going to be an exciting thing, because there we can find plenty of adventures.

Another interesting fact is that company has reported even more exciting information: GTA 5 was a product of the new generation. Certainly, the game of new generation system will please many dedicated fans who are looking forward to it.

We can say a couple of things about this game: e.g., among other things, the next-generation system game is going to have a feature of swiftly switching.

If we trust this information, we can reasonably conclude that the rumor about the launch date of GTA 6 being in June 2021, is the just gossip, because the company is currently focusing on the GTA 5.

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