GTA 6 – when will Grand Theft Auto 6 be revealed?

GTA 6 – when will Grand Theft Auto 6 be revealed?

Is GTA 6 coming soon? It is true that the next release of the Grand Theft Auto franchise has not been formally announced by its developer Rockstar so far, but it does not mean we cannot try to learn just a little bit more about it. Many of us are already familiar with the wonderful version of Red Dead Redemption 2 on console or PC and now players are looking forward to the next open-world Rockstar creation. GTA 5 launched on consoles quite a long time ago – seven years ago, to be precise – and this is a good reason to believe that an announcement could be coming soon, and the latest news and gossip imply that GTA 6 may be coming in the nearby future – probably it will land on the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. Even though 2020 has just begun, a release this year probably is not going to happen without any sort of development announcement – particularly now that Rockstar’s Dan Houser has left the studio. But with the next generation of consoles on its way, it seems reasonable to expect that Rockstar may kindly share some news at some point.

Even though we do not have a lot of information yet, we can still put together bits and the best pieces of rumors, speculations and proven facts so that you can make your own conclusions. So we are ready to share with you everything we know at the moment about GTA 6.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, our expectations regarding GTA 6 announcement were somewhat dampened by a Take-Two Interactive earnings call, which makes us think it is unlikely that an AAA game will be released this year by the GTA publisher. It is still possible we will hear something about the game in 2020, but right now there is nothing substantial.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The highly-anticipated next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise
  • When is it coming out? This is a tough question to answer  (but we’re pretty certain we will have the answer in 2020)
  • Will it be released on PC? Both GTA 4 and 5 were launched on PC (eventually), so there is hope
  • Where will GTA 6 be set? Hard to say, but some rumors are mentioning South America as a probable destination

GTA 6 release date: when can I play it?

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been around for over a year, which gives us hope that a GTA 6 announcement may be coming soon – despite the fact that we may still have to wait quite sometime before we can play it. Read GTA 6 release date article for information.

There are rumors claiming that we could hear the announcement about the next Grand Theft Auto in 2020, and the game may be launched in 2021, which would be reasonable considering we’re on the fast track to a new console generation at the end of this year. On the other hand, Rockstar has been working hard on getting Red Dead Online up and running which probably has been the main focus of the company till now, not to mention the likely delays that may have arisen due to Dan Houser’s departure from Rockstar.

On the other hand, according to a well-known industry expert Michael Pachter, the game’s actual launch could happen much later, e.g., in 2022. While talking to Gaming Bolt, Pachter revealed that he believes a 2020 announcement with a 2021 release sounds very optimistic, and a 2021 announcement with a 2022 launch or even later sounds more probable.  Of course, 2020 has only just begun, so there is still time to hear more substantial news about GTA 6 even if not immediately. But the Xbox Series X and PS5 are due to be released at the end of the year and if GTA 6 sticks to the release pattern of the previous installment, Grand Theft Auto 5, it would come out at the very tail end of the current generation. It would conveniently appear on the new generation and this would definitely open a wide range of possibilities for gamers.

Yet again, there has been no official announcement till now,  so we are only thinking optimistically. Let’s wait and see.

GTA 6 trailer: when can I watch one?

Unfortunately, Rockstar Games remains rather secretive when it comes to its products. There is no trailer until someone in the company decides that it is time to release one.

Let;’s remember what Rockstar did with two other games – GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. It dropped an announcement merely a few days before releasing the first trailer for each game.  When (and if) a GTA 6 trailer appears, you’ll learn about it immediately, because it will be all over the internet – and we’ll be the first ones to inform you about it. Right now there is no news, so be patient.

GTA 6 map: where will GTA 6 be set?

Admittedly there haven’t been any reliable reports so far, but there is plenty of gossips circulating on the internet and, if it is anything to go by, GTA 6’s map is going to be huge. And in this case, we do not mean city-size, we’re talking about the possibility of having the entire territory of the United States in the game.  We’ve come across rumors suggesting that GTA 6 may encompass the whole area of the US, with a sort of teleportation system that allows rapid travel between cities.  And don’t forget to check our GTA 6 Maps category.

Besides that, there are some more pretty exciting rumors that Rockstar Games go for the ‘70s theme, and this would definitely add an interesting twist to the game. Finally, there’s one more rumor that’s been around for a while, it says that we may expect a London setting.

This rumor was inspired by a comment from Rockstar Games’ co-founder Dan Houser: “At the moment, it feels like GTA’s DNA is contemporary-ish, American-ish, English-speaking-ish, because that’s what it has been… But that doesn’t necessarily limit it to those, that’s just what we’ve done so far.”

According to some Rockstar Games sources, London is the sole non-US location that might turn out to be a possible GTA setting. Well, if you ask us, we think a return to Vice City is certainly possible, which would make sense given the rumors discussed above. A report that appeared recently from The Know says that a comeback to Vice City in the 80s is being developed and actually it’s going to be quite exciting as players will get to confront the rise in the drug trade and use at the period during their missions. If this version of the game indeed comes out, players will be moving between Vice City and South America, which would mean a completely different dynamics than before and offer plenty of exciting adventure opportunities.

In the GTA 3 trilogy, we saw three locations, Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas. This corresponded to the original Grand Theft Auto Game, as it was set in the same three locations as well.

The latest Grand Theft Auto games, GTA 4 and GTA 5, take place in Liberty City and San Andreas respectively, which leaves us with Vice City as the only remaining location that may be used for the latest games.  Of course, it is up to Rockstar to decide whether they are up to completing the set.

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Real GTA 6 Location Was Leaked By Rockstar’s Co-Founder In 2013

We would love to believe that it is true.

In 2013, a previously undisclosed document was leaked from Rockstar and it supposedly gives away the real GTA 6 location. An inside person known only as Razed suggests that the author of the leaked material may be Sam Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar. The leaked material included information connected to Rockstar’s future titles such as GTA V DLC, Bully 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, and GTA 6. According to this mysterious document, Grand Theft Auto 6 was already in pre-production as far back as 2013. Moreover, over 60 people were working on the project.

What May Be The Real GTA 6 Location?

It is definitely worth noting that the leaked document contains a question, “Miami-What’s next?.” If you’re well familiar with GTA, then you are surely aware of what Miami means in this context. Basically, it is confirmation that one of the GTA 6 locations is likely to be Vice City.

Another thing that the document talks about is “Vegas 1970s-CASINO.” So, if we take a closer look at this,we could conclude that there will be a short background story set in the 70s, the location of which will be Las Vegas. And the second location might turn out to be Las Venturas. Besides Vice City and Las Venturas, there will be more locations in GTA 6. Sam Houser mentioned  “somewhere snowy-Chicago/Detroit” and “Mexico City” in the GTA 6 secret document. It gives us a reason to believe that we could see either one or perhaps even both of the locations in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Besides hints to locations, there were plenty of other noteworthy  GTA 6 leaks in the document. For example, the document hints that gamers may expect  “ridiculous levels of ambiance” with “every home interior modeled.” And in order to add extra hype to the upcoming GTA title, Sam Houser considers making “every building enterable.” It seems there will be plenty to explore in GTA 6.

Sure we cannot be a hundred percent certain that the “Top Dog at North” in fact wrote this document. However, if there’s even the slightest possibility that this GTA 6 information has been leaked straight from the hands of Sam Houser, we have a reason to hope that we may be going back to Vice City.

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