Brand New Universe in GTA 6?

Brand New Universe in GTA 6?

GTA 5 came out in September 2013 with a version for Xbox One and Playstation 4. It had a HD Universe and remarkably, this was actually the first game from GTA series that had an HD feature. In contrast, the game’s predecessor, called GTA San Andreas, was only 3D and 2 D. HD Universe is alternatively known as HD Era and officially went by the title of Grand Theft Auto V and there is one more important fact about it – that was the first video game that featured more than one acting character at that time.

HD Universe was released to the market in 2008 with the game GTA IV- it’s a game with plenty of different settings, towns, stories and characters. All of them are connected, regardless of the fact that in every game you see just a part of the whole.

Now fans have something to talk about – will the much-awaited GTA VI have the same HD Universe or will we see a new one this time?

Some of you may wonder – why do we need an HD Universe at all? The Rockstar Games wanted very much to recreate the world in their virtual version as close as possible to the world we live in, and 3D technology was not enough to achieve that. After moving on to HD, some New York boroughs appeared in the game, as well as Rotterdam Tower, Statue of Happiness, etc. Naturally, the switch to HD Universe inevitably meant a significant change in graphics, and that was absolutely not possible with 3D technology.

Perhaps the new generation consoles indeed should bring a completely new universe to the game? Who knows, it might even lead to a rediscovery of Grand Theft Auto VI… To be frank,, times change after all, and 2D, 3D or even HD Universe wouldn’t be such an impressive surprise to player because nowadays enhanced reality technology is becoming extremely common is hardly ground-breaking.

This topic was much discussed at the time when GTA V came out – fans were convinced that every new installment should offer them new changes. And they were also completely convinced that GTA V is a new game, because it had a new number attached to its name, even though Rockstar Games Company has no direct commercial links to new consoles and they are not obliged to offer players any kind of changes every time.

Fans also talk a lot about GTA online (remember that this game was enormously successful) about how its legacy will be affected– at GTA series, it’s a very important step.

People continue talking a lot about the changes in the game’s universe. Along with the changes, they are predicting not very significant differences of graphics of GTA V and GTA VI, and most likely it’s even not going to be as evident as in the case of GTA IV and GTA SA, alongside the storyline, which may be independent from the previous series, just like it was between III, VC and SA. Nevertheless, there is a lot to explore in the HD world, due to the fact that only two cities have been visited and there are many locations to discover in the HD Universe.

With all that said, we have a dilemma – will Rockstar Games stay faithful to HD Universe or will it try out a new universe? We think that the HD Era amazed everyone with its incredible graphics and we are convinced that this universe has lots of potential, which fans could explore using a console of the new generation.

Please share your opinion with us (we are truly happy to hear your opinion) and stay with us if you wish to get new updates.

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