Will GTA 6 be Released for PS4 and Xbox One?

Will GTA 6 be Released for PS4 and Xbox One?

The day we will finally get GTA 6 is rather far from now and Rockstar Games are saying that at the moment they are concentrating on developing online and PC versions of GTA V. Rockstar Games are getting ready to launch online Heists. The upcoming week is going to be very special to the fans, because they will see daily objectives and completely new player vs. player modes, that will accompany online Heists.

Right now, the release date of GTA 6 is one of the hottest topics in the games sphere. Since we do not have an official date appointed for the release, every individual fan has his or her own guesses and forecasts. But if we were to make an educated guess, looking at the former releases of the Grand Theft Auto installments, we would say the release of GTA VI may be expected in 2021.

With the talks of release in 2018, we hear another discussion related to that – are we going to get GTA 6 set up for Play Station 3 as well as for Xbox One? The reason why fans are talking about it is that right now there is Play Station 4 and Xbox One on the market, and they are a sequel of both PS and Xbox.

If we can trust the official announcement of Sony concerning Play Station 4, they will definitely to support PS 4 till 2015. From the statement we can make definite conclusions about consoles being used to play the much-awaited GTA 6.

So, what can we say about Xbox One? An official announcement that we heard from Microsoft states that Xbox One will surely be supported until the year 2016 – which means we have got a full answer to our questions.

Also we must take into consideration the fact that when the GTA 6 will finally come out, it is quite likely that Microsoft and Sony will present new generation consoles to players, for instance, PS5 and Xbox Two. So it is totally possible that PS4 and Xbox One will be already forgotten by that time.

Now that we know these facts, we can sure that Grand Theft Auto 6 will not be launched for PS4 and Xbox One, even though we may interpret the situation differently. In case Rockstar Games have the impression that many players have these consoles, they may adjust their plans – perhaps offer us GTA 6 with smaller features so that the game suits these consoles.

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