Posible GTA 6 release date is 2020 August

Posible GTA 6 release date is 2020 August

The question when the GTA 6 will finally appear is still unanswered… We have heard some rumors claiming with certainty that the GTA 6 will come out in 2018. On the other hand, Leslie Benzie, the President of company developing the game has told us that the release date of game may be 1 or 2 years later.

Some people say that GTA 5 required a lot of funds. Perhaps this explains why the GTA 6 will only appear in the market in 1 or even 2 years. As you can probably imagine, GTA 6 is just the kind of game that needs lot of funding as well.

Well, as you see, GTA games are a type of project that demands plenty of funds. On the other hand, you probably understand that these games also have the potential of bringing a large profit. For instance, when it came out, the GTA 5 collected revenues worth more than $1 billion in just 10 days after it was released. Needless to say, this is an impressive sum. Now that you know this information, you will surely agree that it is safe to conclude that the GTA 6 is likely to be very profitable as well.

We have come across a source claiming that the game will be released in the year 2018. However, later it was countered by other sources saying that the launch date of game will be quite much later. And if the latest rumors are true, it means that the launch date of GTA will only be at some point in the year 2020.

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