GTA 6 in development – Confirmed

GTA 6 in development – Confirmed

A number of sources claim that the upcoming GTA 6 is definitely in development. This fact is not surprising, but there is surprise related to it: many game fans still do not have the GTA 5 version for PC.

Leslie Benzie, the President of Rockstar Games, a company that is a thriving multinational video game developer and publisher, has revealed something important when he said: “We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas.” We are quoting his interview here.

We can reasonably conclude that this does not count as confirmation about the game’s upcoming version. Rather, from this statement one may safely conclude that the developers have an idea to make it happen in the future.

The company’s president claims that it all depends on parameters of the settings – if all things are fine, the latest version of GTA will come out in the nearby future.

Leslie Benzie has revealed another intriguing and notable fact: GTA 5 was launched when the GTA 4 was three years old. Well, this only proves what we said before – it is hard to tell what can be the date of game launch.

But there were more things that Leslie Benzie told us: he said that the company counts over 45 years of experience. Additionally, he said that the company has invested plenty effort and time into development of the Grand Theft Auto. So their experience and skills mean they can really make a unique and amazing GTA 6. It is important to mention that the President also hinted about others plans that the company has.

We must remind you that GTA 6 is among the most successful and most-liked games of Rockstar. The minds behind the creation of the games were guys called Dan and Sam Houser. Leslie Benzie joined their team very soon.

Keep in mind that the game now has a large number of versions, but the basic storyline remains unchanged.

You will surely agree with us that people adore this game – it is extremely popular. Moreover, fans of this series are constantly looking forward to the news about the game. It is not difficult to notice, that quite a lot of news about the games are not facts, only rumors. Understandably, this cannot be avoided. And what do you think? Are you a dedicated fan of this game? Are you also impatiently waiting for the news about your beloved game? And do you believe in every rumor you hear?


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