GTA 6 will be compatible with Xbox One, PC and PS4 platforms

GTA 6 will be compatible with Xbox One, PC and PS4 platforms

GTA 5 had proved to be one of the top games in the industry. It is enjoying immense popularity; however, this means that fans’ expectations are considerably high. If the rumors are true, we are lucky, because those expectations will come true with the latest instalment of the franchise – GTA 6.

As GTA Online is very successful and fresh, it is reasonable to believe that new features will be introduced in GTA VI. We have talked about the most interesting ones in the article about nice-to-have features, this time we would like to overview some other features that are much talked about in the circles of fans.

We hear that GTA 6 will have a feature that will allow players to plan a robbery once the story line is over; moreover, it is possible that a beautiful female character will be a protagonist in the game too. What is more there may be a possibility to swap the main cars and take them to the safe houses, and finally, the main character cars from  GTA V are likely to be featured in GTA 6 too.

One more great feature we’ve heard about is the possibility to customize the looks of the main character, in addition, we predict a more realistic hunting experience.

Rockstar Games company keeps dropping hints and all kind of vague remarks to the audience, like: “We’ve got certain ideas for GTA 6, yet we do not know for sure what it is going to look like”. The latest version of the game will be compatible with  Xbox One, PC and PS4 platforms. The main developer of the game, Rockstar Games, has not yet formally denied neither confirmed any information regarding the upcoming GTA VI, but the president has promised to the devoted players that all the future games will use ideas and suggestions received from the fans so that they feel respected and listened to.

The goal of Rockstar Games is to bring the game up to the next level, this explains why the company is focusing on honing every single detail and wants to be as meticulous as possible, this is particularly true when it comes to the vehicle customization feature. Such mundane needs as having a family, acquiring real estate, keeping pets, and simple bodily needs like the need to eat and drink are considered in the new game. Once the story line is finished, the options of getting a regular job or plotting robberies are taken into consideration for GTA VI.

You are most welcome to share your opinion and ideas regarding the new features of GTA 6 in the comments below.

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