GTA 6 city wll be Chicago: Fake or Real?

GTA 6 city wll be Chicago: Fake or Real?

Today we would like to share another interesting rumor with all lovers of Grand Theft Auto. It is important to know that some dishonest people are trying to trick the GTA fans in order to increase traffic to their website. One of such unreliable sources of fake news is

On this website you can find a number of so-called hot facts. The website’s aim is to increase the number of visitors it receives.

This is why on you can see posts titled, for example: Rockstar confirms the next GTA will be Chicago Based!

In fact this information is totally misleading, as the President of Rockstar Games Sam Houser has confirmed. In his report he says that the next game will not come out called Grand Theft Auto 6, instead it will be named Grand Theft Auto: Lake City. It looks like the players of the game finally have seen the moment of truth.

Here you can read an important article.

The company Rockstar games has stated that indeed, Chicago will be the setting of the next Grand Theft Auto computergame.

Rockstar Games have confirmed, that the upcoming game will be called Grand Theft Auto: Lake City, instead of Grand Theft Auto 6. Obviously, this is the title of the Chicago based city.
Here we present some facts from the Sam Houser’s report: Chicago is an ideal choice, being among the most popular cities on the globe. And there is more to that. We already know, who the principle character of game, will be as well. The protagonist will be an African American. Finally, another great thing is that we have decided to include real car brand names.

The President of Rockstar Games Sam Houser has also revealed that he is aware of the wish of GTA 6 fans – they are dying to have their beloved game launched as soon as possible. Sadly, at the moment the President does not have good news for the GTA 6 fans, because the game will surely not come out till 2016. On the other hand there is a reason to be glad: before GTA 6 comes out, Bully will be launched.

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