What locations will have GTA6

What locations will have GTA6

GTA fans have already heard about the most important aspects of GTA 6 – there will be truly incredible solutions of graphics. Additionally, you will have more amazing features. This is why you can be sure you will be able to enjoy an even nices game and have excellent time. As remember, GTA 5 was a huge success, so GTA 6 will most likely meet our expectations as well.

If you remember well, the name of city, where GTA 5 was set, was Los Santos. Today there are a lot of talks regarding the location of GTA 6, but we do not know it exactly.

So, GTA 4 was set in the city Liberty City and the GTA 5 took place in the city Los Santos. There are sources that claim, that GTA 6 will take place in the venue called Vice city 2. But this may not be the perfect choice, as the fans of game would be happy to see other amazing cities too.

However, we should remember, that game took place not only in the USA. For example, Grand Theft Auto: London, was set in London. So, we have to admit that there are plenty of great locations for GTA 6. And we have a number of ideas of our own. Here is what we think:

  1. Tokyo
    Why do we like this particular city of Japan? It is truly special, because in it we get to enjoy so many different cool things: fantastic design, traditional Japanese culture and customs combined with western culture, different races and nationalities. And there is more to Tokyo – vibrant nightlife, impressive city lights, small islands, and many more amazing thinks that make us love Tokyo.
  2. Las Vegas
    According to most visitors Las Vegas is one of the most incredible places on the plantet. It is not hard to understand why Las Vegas holds such an appeal to people – in this city you will see incredible luxury, beauty, fun attractions and hidden surprises. We definitely think that Las Vegas is a perfect choice for GTA.
  3. Miami
    as you may have heard, the city of Miami is 42nd city by area in the USA. Here you can see lovely beaches and luxury hotels. You can choose between swimming in water or a ride through streets of this vibrant city in a fancy car. What else do you wish for GTA? And just in case in the game we will have some kind of amissions in water, then Miami is a very practical choice for the upcoming GTA 6.
  4. Paris
    Paris is a romantic and exciting city with plenty of fans. This is why if GTA 6 is set in the French capital, thousands of fans will be happy, because they will be able to enjoy a panorama of Paris. Then we can assume that maybe perhaps some missions will takes place at the iconic Eiffel Tower.

Vice Beach, Sin City, Capital City – we have even more ideas, where GTA 6 can be set. However, we still cannot be sure when it comes to the precise plan of Rockstar. The good thing is, it gives you lot of time to tell us, which places you would like to see featured in the game, because the GTA 6 will come out at least two years from now.

Below you can see a survey, the purpose of which is to find out, which locations fans would like to see in the game. You can vote for your favorite one. If you cannot see your favorite place on the list, feel free to enter your own.

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