Grand Theft Auto 6 Guide

Grand Theft Auto 6 Guide

What is Grand Theft Auto 6?

Obviously the question that beg the answer is: what is Grand Theft Auto 6? We can begin with saying that Grand Theft Auto is a GTA series sequel. As you probably remember, the latest part of GTA 6 was GTA 5, which was an immense hit.

however, there is more to it – you must keep in mind the fact that GTA is an adventure – action game. The series’ authors are Dan and Sam Houser, Leslie Benzie and Aaron Garbut. In the game the player has the possibility to select missions in order to get ahead in the story. Moreover, the game also includes driving, gun fights, sometimes also role-play, stealth, and vehicle race.

Is the GTA 6 Confirmed?

This is definitely a question all players would like to have the answer to. Another similar question is – when will we finally have GTA 6. When we try to answer these questions, it’s important to keep in mind one fact: the President of company Leslie Benzie reminds us, that the company has over 45 year of experience of work that they will use for GTA 6. This makes it logical to assume that GTA 6 will be launched sooner or later.

Of course, it is understandable that GTA 6 generates a lot of rumours. What are the most frequent rumours related to the game? Here we discuss some of them.

Key Features Rumored In GTA 6:

Well, let’s briefly overview the most popular rumors.

  1. New time arena

We very often hear that in GTA 6 there will be a new arena. We cannot tell yet what and where it is going to be, based on the past versions, we can assume that the arena of GTA is London.

  1. New adventure

Naturally, exciting adventures is what fans look for in video games. Looks like players will be very glad to play GTA 6 because, according to what we hear, in GTA 6 there will be even more adventures.

  1. Female protagonist

This is something that we hear a lot – in GTA 6 there will be a female protagonist. Whether it is the case or not, we cannot tell yet, but some sources seem very convinced of it.

  1. GTA 6: To Take Place In 1970

Another popular rumor says that GTA will be in vintage style. Perhaps surprisingly, there are plenty of fans who wish to see this game in this style.

Rumours or not?

GTA 6 release date is rumored to be around July 2017

Can we trust this is the final date? If it it’s the case, we will be able to play GTA 6 very soon, however, this is not confirmed news, so we cannot be sure. As far as the President of company’s position goes, he refuses to give the precise release date right now.

GTA 6 will return to Vice City

We cannot neither confirm nor deny this claim yet. However, it makes sense to assume that many fans would love this to turn out to be true, since Vice city was a very much appreciated game. A key fact is that more than 20 million copies of the game were sold in total. Certainly, the company is very happy about it.

Grand Theft Auto 6

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