What is GTA 6 game about

What is GTA 6 game about

What is GTA 6 / Grand Theft Auto 6 game?

If we explore the history of the game, we will notice that the GTA series of game is packed with plenty of adventure, thrills and crime. It’s n secret that these things are among the reasons why so many fans of the game are impatient to get their hands on the new version. It is widely known that GTA 5 was immensely successful and right now plenty of fans are looking forward to GTA 6.

In this article we present some information related to GTA 6 and the latest updates. Keep reading!

The Meaning of GTA

GTA means “Grand Theft Auto” So now you know – GTA means “Grand Theft Auto” – don’t thank us.

What does GTA mean? GTA is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is explained above where the GTA definition is given. 

About the game Grand Theft Auto 6 

The situation is as follows – the players of GTA have enjoyed GTA 5 and now they are impatiently waiting for GTA 6 to come out. If we explore the history of the game, we will learn that GTA 5 is in fact the fastest selling video game in the entire history of this type of games. Certainly, this is excellent news for the Rockstar enterprise. There is something incredible that must be mentioned – Rockstar made profit of over US$1 billion in its first three days only. This is an enormous sum of money and huge recognition of the company. This brings us to the conclusion that the upcoming parts of GTA are likely to enjoy similar success. We can also conclude that the upcoming part of GTA will bring a significant amount of money to the Rockstar company.

Release date of GTA 6
Now we all know that after the success of GTA 5, lots of fans are waiting eagerly for GTA 6, however, we still cannot find information when the big day is gonna be. Still, we have news regarding others things – we can tell you for sure that in GTA 6 there will be better graphic elements and parameters.
As it has been already mentioned, there are no news regarding the release date of GTA 6, but there are still interesting things to be said – the President of company mentioned, that more than 45 years of experience helped them a lot in creating GTA 6. This undoubtedly guarantees a top quality game that will not disappoint. In addition, certain sources claim that GTA 6 be launched in 2018. Could it be the case? We will find out the truth soon enough.

Name Developer Year
Grand Theft Auto DMA Design 1997
Grand Theft Auto, London or (2) DMA Design 1997
Grand theft Auto III DMA Design 2001
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rockstar North 2002
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rockstar North 2004
Grand Theft Auto: IV Rockstar North 2008
Grand Theft Auto: V Rockstar North 2013
Grand Theft Auto: 6 (GTA 6) Rockstar North 2018?

Now we are looking into the past in order to predict when GTA 6 will be launched. We think it is prudent to assume that we will already have GTA 6 in 2020.

Update On 16 September 2014

On 16 Semptember 2014 we received another update regarding the GTA 6. Now we hear that rumours regarding GTA 6 launch date, setting it for June – July 2017 are not true. Unfortunately, those who expected to have GTA 6 in 2017, are in for disappointment, because we will get GTA 6 later than that. However, it is important to note that we have not received any direct formal confirmation from Rockstar Games. This is why all hope is not lost and fans may still have GTA 6 in 2017.

Update on 18th February 2016

We have another update about GTA 6. This time it’s positive – the President of Rockstar games did not confirmed the speculations that GTA 6 will be launched in 2020.

GTA 6 platform 

Another crucial factor is GTA platform. Plenty of game fans are hoping that GTA 6 will be launched for the latest console PS4 and Xbox One. Looks like this hope may come true in fact – in one of the reports, the President Leslie Benzie confirmed that he is hoping to be able to launch GTA 6 for PC platform.

No doubt you are aware that Play Station 4 is the newest console in the gaming area. Therefore, it is great to hear that recently some updates have been released for GTA 5 for PS4. Therefore the faithful players of the game will have sufficient choice.

Xbox one
Xbox one will be used by Rockstar as well to upgrade the game quality.

If you wish to know more: Will Rockstar Launch GTA 6 For PS3 & Xbox 360?
We must mention that yes, there is a chance that GTA 6 will also be available for those consoles as well.

GTA features (some rumors)

This is definitely the most desired feature of GTA 6.
We expect to be able to update our list in nearby future.

Female protagonist

As you know, there was the female protagonist in GTA 5, however, this decision faces heavy criticism… Therefore it’s hard to say if the female protagonist in GTA 6 is a good decision or not. However, soon we will be able to find it out.

VR Compability

VR means virtual reality, which basically means that a player becomes part of the game. Sounds intriguing? In fact, this is an amazing feature that makes the game super exciting.

Bring 1970’s Back

Can you guess what GTA fans wish? One of the things they want is to see the game in vintage style. The wish to see GTA in retro style may sound interesting indeed, however, quite a number of fans express this desire, this idea is often talked about on the internet.

New places

Another great piece of news – there are rumours circulating that in GTA 6 fans will discover totally different places. Wouldn’t it be great to have different places in GTA 6 in contrast to GTA 5?

More adventure

We agree that adventure is among the top reasons why fans adore this game so much. So it is definitely a good thing to know that in GTA 6 fans will have even more adventures than before in GTA 5.

Customize the main character

Of course, fans would be happy to be able to customize the main character and then play the game with this individualized version. Physical features and cloths are what players would like to be able to adjust individually.

More missions

Another great change is that in GTA 6 there will be more missions available. For instance, fans will get a bank – robbery mission.

More realism

Understandably, realism is what every player expect from the game. Great news is that in GTA 6 you will definitely have more parameters and functions that will bring more realism. And this, of course, means more fun for you.

Houses changes and more vehicles

There are even more great news – turns out that in GTA 6 players will get houses change and wider choice of vehicles. Fans of the game will get to choose from more houses than in GTA 5. And even better – GTA 6 will supposedly have a feature that will allow players to edit the house’s details. Like we said, there will be more vehicles as well. For instance, such vehicles as 1967 Shelby GT500, Hot Rods, 1950’s Ford Pickup Truck,1950’s Chevy Pickup Truck or Chevy SS Camaros will be included.

More stylish clothes

Clothes play an important role in the video games, just like in reality. We all would like to wear nice, stylish clothes and it applies to our characters n the game too. This is why fans will be delighted to learn that in GTA 6 there will be more stylish clothes than before, in GTA 5.

Other features

We can say a few words about other features too. An interesting feature is the possibility to to customize certain vehicles and guns as you like.
What are other exciting possibilities? Here you can see other GTA 6 feature listed.

GTA places

A lot of speculations go around regarding this feature. For instance, certain sources say the location of GTA 6 might be New York or Los Angeles. What do you think? Which city would you choose to see in GTA 6?

GTA 6 characters

The GTA 6 character is the segment that merits more attention compared to others.

Quite a number of sources claim that GTA 6 will have a female as the main character. We assume that plenty of players would be happy to have a female protagonist in GTA 6. Whether this will be the case or not, is for us to find out in due time…

What does the President of the company say? According to him, it is possible that players will have the opportunity to have a female protagonist in GTA 6.
And there are even more exciting rumours regarding the characters of GTA 6: can you believe that, according to some speculations, the protagonists of GTA 6 will be Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling?

Grand Theft Auto 6 / GTA 6 Gameplay Trailer Video by Fans

Right now there is a trailer that is 1 minutes 43 seconds long. This trailer shows such elements as pretty impressive cars and thrilling fights. If you like, you can watch it as well.

Grand Theft Auto 6

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