New rumors about GTA 6 release date and time

New rumors about GTA 6 release date and time

As you probably remember, September 17, 2013 was the day GTA 5 was released. The Rockstar Company is totally focusing on GTA 6 right now. We have all heard that Heists Update has been postponed, so this may explain why the company is working on GTA 6 instead? We will find out soon enough if this is indeed the case or not.

And in fact this is not only the one rumor that concerns the game. It must be said that GTA 6 is going to be launched since GTA 5 announced the release for Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PC platform.
Everyone who is familiar with the game will agree that adventures make a very big part of it. This is something that a lot of fans of the game really love. This is why the abundant rumors that in the GTA 6 we will find more adventures is definitely good news, right?

As a new gaming console is hitting the market we all understand that the company developing the game absolutely needs to keep the fans engaged. But adapting the new game to new consoles is not the sole thing that the company is ready to do for the fans. We must agree that every new version of the game is better than the previous one. And of course, the players are grateful for the developer’s efforts – they still love GTA.

A lot of people say that we are unlikely to have the GTA 6 very soon, because it usually takes about 6 years between releases of new GTA versions. On the other hand, there is another opinion claiming that we can expect to have a GTA 6 very soon, because GTA 5 was such a huge hit and the company wants to offer a new version of the game to the market as soon as it can So, we have two opposing opinions and both have arguments to support their beliefs.

Dear friends, there are also many speculations regarding the location of the upcoming GTA. At the moment a lot of people say that perfect places for GTA 6 would be New York City or Houston. However, there are quite a few suggestions mentioning others places too.

There is yet another rumor that may interest all the hardcore fans of the game: in GTA 6 you will have more futuristic parameters. This, of course, means more adventure opportunities for all of us.

So, as you can see, plenty of rumors about the GTA 6 are going round. And it remains to be see what is true and what is not.

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